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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


One day in an airport, a girl attracted to a man who sat beside him, then she started a conversation:
girl: so where do you work?
man: I only have a few 5 star hotels in New York and Los Angeles
girl: (wow ... he must be rich ...) where you live?
man: I live in a mansion in Hollywood
girl: (wow. .. great ...) must be very large?
man: not really, only 10,000 acres
girl: (excellent ...) You definitely have a lot of cars
man: only a few, there's only Ferrari, jaguar, hummer, mercedes
girl: (amazing ...) you are married?
man: not yet. I am still looking for the right one
girl: (wow. .. I had the chance ..) do you smoke?
man: of course not, smoking is bad for health
girl: (he was a healthy man) do you drink alcohol?
man: no
girl: (wow. .. cool ...) do you gamble?
man: no, I do not like to gamble
girl: (a nice guy ...) You like to party?
man: no no ...
girl: (I was impressed ...) do you go to church?
man: of course, every Monday
girl: (I think I'm falling in love ...) what your hobbies?
man: well....I like to lie to people ....
girl: !@##$$%%^

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


A couple of 63-years-old husband and wife were celebrating the 40th anniversary of marriage. They dined alone at a small restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere with candle light illumination.
Suddenly, a small beautiful fairy appeared on their table.

The fairy said: "you have become husband and wife role model for many people and have loved each other all this time, then I will give you a gift, say what your wish."

Wife: "Oh thank, I want to traveled around the world with my beloved husband ".

Fairy: "Ok"

The fairy waved his magic wand, and on the table suddenly there was an envelope with two first class plane tickets and vouchers to stay at a five star hotel in the famous cities in the world. Then the fairy asked the husband.

Fairy: "How about you?"

The husband reflected a moment and then answered.

Husband: "Trip it was very romantic, but an opportunity like this only appears once. Excuse me my wife, I wanted to have a wife who was 30 years younger than me".

His wife and the fairy very disappointed to heard that, but promise is promise once again the fairy waved her wand and ...
CLINGG ........... the husband transformed into 93 years old grandfather ...

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Paul is a poor man. One day he is already can not stand with his condition, so he plan to do a criminal.
Then he go to the alley an wait for some one to pass. Not for long a man pass near him, quickly Paul take his gun out and threat that man :
Paul : "Quick, give me all your money"
Man : "Oh please don't hurt me, I just want to go home"
Paul : "I don't care, just give me all your money, I haven't defecate for 3 days" shout him
Man : "I don't understand, so why do  you want to rob me then?"
With an angry face, Paul explain to that man
Paul : " Are you an idiot??  I haven't defecate for 3 days because i haven't eat anything for a week" explain Paul
Man : *&^&*(*%()&^*%*&